Pco mini cab driver job opportunities are available for skilled uk licnese holding drivers

Pco mini cab driver jobs positions are open for those experienced individuals who hold a private hire license in london. Our mini cab firm is a notable firm based in london and has been excelling in providing taxi services to the people of london since the past thirty years. Our outstanding services continue to dominate the hearts of the locals of london along with the tourists. Additionally, we provide our patrons with an array of top-notch services that include:

We believe to provide our clients with the best services possible. The contentment of our clients is our priority. Therefore, we are searching for talented individuals who are determined and execute their duties with 100% effort.

On the other hand, where we highly value client satisfaction we also ensure that our employed staff remains content with their job and all complaints are remedied as soon as possible. We take good care of our staff too and in return expect the best.

We provide the employed drivers with minicabs, fuel, maintenance, training and insurance. In addition to that, our salaries are generous, based on cash and categorized on the basis of work that is either:

The tips that the drivers collect are theirs to keep. We also provide numerous breaks to the drivers so that they can recover and drive with enthusiasm.

The job basically requires the interested individuals to hold a pco license in london, have an in-depth knowledge of the attractions of london, have great communication skills along with a strong command over english so they can easily converse with the passengers and advise the tourists on places to visit, if need be.

The basic outline of the eligibility criteria for interested individuals

Sophisticated behavior, good mannerisms and polite speech are a must in this type of employment. A prior job with the same requirements, experience on the road or interactions with customers is highly appreciated.

Outline of what the job entails

We aim to please our patrons and offer them the finest services and stand apart the other mini cab firms of the city. We therefore want to hire candidates who value the same things and on whom; we and our passengers can rely upon.

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